Cootes Farm Community is a local organisation based around Cootes Green

In May 2011 Cootes Farm Community was formed as a non political, non religious, ‘not for profit’ community group based in the neighbourhood around the Cootes Green area in Merryfield Drive, Horsham. Since CFC began we have held several events on our green and hope to do many more in the future, and with everyone’s help the possibilities are endless……

For more information about the Cootes Farm Community organisation, please have a look at some of the events we have organised, and other local initiatives we are involved with for the benefit of local residents. We are happy to welcome new volunteers to help organise our events, and we are totally reliant on the goodwill and donations of local residents to keep the organisation going. We also give any excess money to our nominated charities, and more details of this will be given on the website.

We currently need help with organizing the Summer Fayre 2021. Click here to find out how to get involved.


Sale of roads, verges and greens in the Cootes Farm Area

In early November we were told that the Cootes Greens and other grassed areas, including many verges in our community were being sold at auction on December 10th by Davis Estates who have owned the land since the houses were built in the Cootes Farm area in the 1940s and 1950s. We immediately formed a plan to try and buy the land. Thanks to the outstanding community spirit and generosity of so many residents I’m delighted to tell you WE WON! It was very nerve wracking, especially the last 5 minutes of the 2-hour auction heartfelt thanks to Martin Boffey who was in the “hot seat” with a cool head. We paid £33,250 but it belongs to us all forever. A very nice Christmas present.

We are so lucky having the greens and pond and knowing nothing can ever be built on them is a fantastic feeling. Wishing you and yours a very Happy Christmas and a much better 2021. In a few weeks we will hopefully start to think about our Summer Fayre on our green!