About Cootes Farm Community

In 2011 local resident John Salter had a great idea to have a “Royal Tea on the Green” in Merryfield Drive, Horsham to celebrate Prince William and Kate Middleton’s wedding. The last time there was an event on the green was 30 years earlier for Prince Charles and Lady Diana. The 2011 event was a huge success so the organisers decided local community events should be a regular feature for the community simply to bring people together.

In May 2011 Cootes Farm Community was formed as a non political, non religious, ‘not for profit’ community group based in the neighbourhood around the Cootes Green area in Merryfield Drive, Horsham. Since CFC began we have held several events on our green and hope to do many more in the future with everyone’s help the possibilities are endless……

Our Mission Statement

  • To encourage new and lasting freindship with neighbours
  • To encourage all age groups to become involved with their community
  • To stage regular community events on Cootes Green
  • To support and promote local businesses
Cootes Pond in Spring
Cootes Pond in Summer
Cootes Pond in Autumn
Cootes Pond in Winter